Aluminum ball-joint platform with Groove Mount
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Aluminum ball-joint platform fits the Rostock MAX v1, v2 & v3.

With groove mount for the E3D v6 Hot End

Includes 34 mm long carbon fiber stand offs

Inside opening is large enough for the E3D Hot End cooling fan to fit inside, this allows positioning of hot end at any height.

32 mm axle offset

Make your platform wiring super easy and neat with the "Quick Clip" board by Yellow Jacket Concepts.

Note: if you want to mount the SeeMeCNC HE280 probe board you will need this adapter ring...

Or here is a printable one...


These fan shrouds will work,

To use the 25mm stock v3 fans...
To use the 30mm blower fans...


Delta radius settings for firmware,

Rostock MAX printer radius = 200 mm
Minus 32 mm for aluminum ball-joint platform
Minus 27 mm for Trick Truck X-Mini carriages
= 141 mm Delta Radius



  • Item #: PLAT-ALU-BJ-32GM

Aluminum ball-joint platform with Groove Mount

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