Ball-Cup Rod Ends Retro-Fit Kit
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Retro-Fit kit to convert your existing Trick Laser CF Arms to Ball-Cup Style. 

Ball-cup rod ends are designed by us specifically for delta printers. We have the ends precision injection molded exculsively for us.

Kit includes;

  • (12) Ball-Cup Rod Ends
  • (6) Springs
  • (1) Packet of epoxy glue.

Does NOT include ball bar-bells, you re-use your existing stock bar-bells. Or we sell them seperately.


Installation Instructions;

  1. Unscrew existing Traxxas rod ends
  2. Carefully remove threaded stud from aluminum insert with locking pliers.
         Note: there is loctite on the threads so it may turn a little hard, gently twist back and forth to loosen. The carbon fiber tube is very thin,      so hold arm just below the end where aluminum insert provides more strength.
  3. Glue new ends into aluminum insert, twist as sliding in to distribute glue evenly.
  4. Align ends to each other by placing arm on flat surface.
  5. Make sure inserts remain all the way in against aluminum insert while drying.
  6. Epoxy has 25 minute working time, tack free in 1 hour, full cure in 4 hours.

Arm length will be the same.

Works with SeeMeCNC ball bar-bells or other 3/8" balls (.375" or 9.525 mm )

  • Item #: BC-RETRO

Ball-Cup Rod Ends Retro-Fit Kit

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