Heat spreader aluminum plate for Onyx heated print bed

Aluminum plate to evenly distribute heat of the Onyx PCB heated print bed. Goes between glass and HPB. Without plate the bed temperature can vary up to 15c from center to outside. With plate temperature is within 5c or less over the entire print area.

  • 310 mm diameter X 1/16"(1.6mm) thick 5052 alloy aluminum.
  • Water-jet cut out.
  • Hole for bed heating LED to show through.
Note: Remove any burs on water jet cut edges with file or sandpaper befor installing.

Remember to adjust your Z height after installing plate. Height will be about 1.6 mm less.
Important Note: Do Not use this heat spreader plate with older Onyx HPB that had power connections on top of PCB, at the back. You WILL short out bed possibly damaging your electronics or starting a fire. If you notch out aluminum plate at back to clear electrical connections the heat spreader will work.
See testing done with FLIR thermal imaging camera here

Heat Spreader for Onyx 310 Bed

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