MAX METAL precision machined aluminum extrusion frame sized for the Rostock MAX componets
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Precision machined aluminum extrusion frame sized to use the majority of componets from your Rostock MAX v1, v2 or v#. Replace your wobbly imprecise wood and plastic frame with this sturdy precision frame.

Ends of frame sides are machined at a 30 degree angle and includes key that locks tightly into upright columns t-slot to insure precise alignment and spacing. Two cap screws and t-nuts draw each joint tightly together locking it in place. A locating dowel at each frame end sets the vertical postion of frame sides. The design of frame joints makes it self aligning and precision. Frame towers are square, true, and spaced exacly 120 degrees apart. Tower radius is exactly 200 mm, like the stock machine. Towers are made from 1" x 1" aluminum extrusion, the same size as stock so you can use Trick Trucks or the original cheapskate carriages. Uses the same GT2 belts, motors and 20 tooth pulleys. Uses your Onyx heated bed, electronics, endstops, arms, effector platform, hot end, extruder, etc.

Frame kit includes:

  • (6) Frame side pieces, .5" x 2" x 14" aluminum t-slot extrusion with 30 degree machined ends, key, and holes. (80/20 Brand #1003)
  • (3) Towers 1" x 1" x 34.5" precision machined to length, with machined motor mount pockets and locating dowel holes for vertical position of frame sides. Ends threaded for feet. (80/20 Brand #2012)
  • (3) rubber vibration isolating feet with mounting screws
  • (24) 8-32 thread x .5" long cap screws and t-nuts to fasten frame together
  • (6) screws for mounting motors, M3 X 20 mm long socket head cap screws
  • (12) locating dowels, .125" dia. x .5" long
  • (6) idler brackets with slot for belt tension adjustment.
  • (6) flanged bearings for idler pulleys with axle screws, washers, nuts

Note: does NOT include mouting holes for heated bed, electronics, lcd, power supply, endstops, etc.  This is not a "drop in" replacement for your Rostock MAX wood frame, but a sturdy and precise frame for you to build onto. However, it is designed so the majority of parts can be re-used on this frame with minimal fabrication. Two t-slots on the inside of each frame side piece provide many mounting options using t-nuts from your original build.

Frame assembly video, also shows winring with this pre-made harness.

Check out the SeeMeCNC forum for build threads showing 3D printed parts for use with this frame.


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