Quick Clip platform wiring board
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Make wiring your platform neat, quick and easy with the Yellow Jacket Quick Clip.

* No soldering
* No pin crimping
* 100% compatible with Rostock Max v3 harness wiring.
* 100% compatible with the Stock SeeMeCNC platform and arms.
* On board micro switch to manually turn off part light ring.
* Allows you to quickly swap hot-ends
* Allows you to use E3D and other grove mount type hotends on your Rostock V3.
* Allows for quick repairs with nothing more than a jewelers screwdriver. replace the Thermistor, the Heat cartridge, or a fan within minutes.

Top connection is an 8 pin pluggable connector compatible with the Max v3 wiring. A Hot-End, peek fan and Part fan LED. There is also a 2nd connection that breaks out the 3 wires from the Harness if not using the accelerometer board, use this connection for a prob switch or your own accelerometer. Connections on the bottom is a Spring cage connection similar to the 8 pin plug, no soldering, no pin crimping. It provides connections for a part LED light ring, The Thermistor, Hot-End, a Peek fan and 3 connections for part fans.

Optional 8 Pin Locking connector available.

If using the SeeMeCNC HE280 wire harness, no connector is needed. However, switching to the locking connector prevents 8-pin connector from comming un-plugged like the stock SeeMeCNC connector can.

If it is a custom build harness, then you will need the locking connector.
(The top side 3 pin female connector is provided.)

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Quick Clip platform wiring board

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