Trick Truck X Mini Carriages
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Set of (3) Aluminum Trick Truck X Mini Carriages for the Rostock MAX 3D printers by SeeMeCNC. 

A further refined version of our already awesome and popular "Trick Trucks"

Uses dual bearing MINI V-wheels from Open Builds. Two bearings in each wheel instead of stock single bearing for increased precision and stability.

  • Now with MINI V wheels for even greater stabilty and reduced weight
  • Very lightweight and compact
  • Improved and simplyfied belt clamp design, clamp screw & washer included.
  • Mounting boss for SeeMeCNC 3/8" ball bar-bells, includes bar-bells & screws.
  • Includes end-stop trigger screw, compatible with V3 and older machines.
  • 3 wheels in triangle pattern is a more stable design
    • Arm mounting point is within the bearing triangle for increased strength stability
  • Silky smooth, easy movement
  • Only one tension adjustment via eccentric cam
    • Easy to get just the right action
    • Adjustment locks firmly in place and does not loosen.
  • No plate on outside of machine extrusion enables easier fitting of machine enclosure

Assembly video  note: video shows using (36) shim washers, you can use (27) if 1 under screw head is omitted.
Install video
Note: the above videos show our original Trick Trucks, but assembly and install is basically the same.

V-wheel and hardware pack includes,

  • (9) Delrin MINI V Wheel - sku# 165
  • (18) Mini Ball Bearing 105zz 5x10x4 - sku# 800
  • (6) Stand-off spacers - 1/4" long - sku# 15
  • (3) Eccentric spacers - 1/4" long -sku# 70
  • (27) Precision shim washers - 5x10x1 -sku# 5
  • (27) MINI Precision shim washers - 5x8x1 -sku# 170
  • (9) Low Profile Axel screws - M5 x 30 mm -sku# 125 
  • (9) M5 lock nuts -sku# 10

or you can buy them from Open Builds parts store


Delta radius settings for firmware,

Rostock MAX printer radius = 200 mm
Minus 32 mm for aluminum ball-joint platform
Minus 27 mm for Trick Truck X-Mini carriages

= 141 mm Delta Radius

  • Item #: TTRUCK-XMINI

Trick Truck X Mini Carriages

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